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Police Say Fabolous Street Family Responsible for Celebrity Stick-Ups

Posted By on December 10, 2007

Police in New York City say they have linked the Brooklyn based crew of rapper Fabolous, to the robberies of several high profile celebrities and athletes. According to the New York Post, the Street Family, which cops say is based out of the Breevort Houses where the rapper grew up, has been targeting nightclub patrons in the lower Manhattan neighborhoods of Chelsea and Flatiron for some time now. Fab’s friend, Shamel McKinney, was fatally stabbed outside of club Duvet last month after cops say he tried to rob another man of his necklace. Now police believe they can connect the Street Family to the muggings of Celtic’s guard Sebastian Telfair, and ex-N.Y. Giants cornerback Frank Walker.

They also claim the crew has robbed boxing champ Zab Judah twice. “They don’t care,” one unidentified police source told the Post. “The bigger the celebrity, the better.” The NYPD believes that the crew searches out celebrities who are sporting expensive jewelry, then alert each other via cellphone. The victims are then targeted as they walk to their cars. Fabolous has previously denied any connection to this type of illegal activity and has denied allegations that he was present at club Duvet the night his friend was killed. -xxl