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Fat Joe Says 50 Cent Is Wrong (Video)

Posted By on February 8, 2011

     Rapper Fat Joe recently spoke about his long-time rival 50 Cent's claims in the past that suggest his career has ended. Fat Joe says that the G-Unit general is simply wrong when it comes to his rap-time being done.

"Well I've been arguing with him for how long, five, six years," Joe said in an interview referring to 50 Cent. "I still got concerts, 60,000 people, all that sh*t. I said like this, you know, last album didn't do as well as we wanted to, but it was really because of the promotions and he was like, 'Yo, Joe's dead.' So I said, if this album, I come with the first single with Young Jeezy, the hottest n*gga in the hood, and then I come with my second single with Trey Songz, the hottest R&B n*gga in the game. D*mn, what's gonna happen when I'm alive? I'm supposed to be dead. So you know, I don't really pay attention to that. I got my own fans, I got people who support me, I do very well and I'm blessed. By killing my career? No one could ever kill my career because what I do is make great music. So, it is what it is." (Future iMag)

Fat Joe – Talks 50 Cent