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Fat Joe Wants Kanye West To Rap Again

Posted By on May 4, 2010

     Terror Squad's head man, Fat Joe, recently talked about how fans stereotype their favorite artists, going on to say he wants Kanye West to return to rapping. Fat Joe says he didn't support Kanye's "808's & Heartbreak" which featured a lot of auto-tuned singing tracks. "I love hip-hop music, there's really nothing I can't do as far as musically," Joe promised in an interview. "I'm in the studio so much that I know how to make all types of music. I could make you a Dirty South smash hit right now. I can make you a New York banger to the highest level. I could make you a West Coast, girl song, whatever. I can do it all. I think [fans] pigeon hold their favorite artists and they don't want their favorite artists to step out the box. I'm guilty of that too. My favorite rapper is Kanye West and when he did the singing album, I purposely didn't buy it. I was like, I'm protesting it man, I'm boycotting it. I ain't with that sh*t. I want the Kanye rapping about his moms, rapping about this sh*t."

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