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Fat Joe Backs Lil Kim In Nicki Minaj Dispute

Posted By on June 9, 2010

     It looks like Lil Kim has at least one fellow artist who agrees with her when it comes to her dispute with new Young Money star, Nicki Minaj. Fat Joe says he agrees with Lil Kim, who says Nicki Minaj isn't paying homage to artist who came before, and helped pave the way for her. "I think she's super dope," Joey Crack said about Minaj. "I think she's sexy, she's doing her thing. She's killing them, fly fashion, she's got it all, you know what I'm saying? It's like, sky's the limit. Yeah, Nicki Minaj needs to pay homage, she needs to say, 'Yo, Kim is dope.' What's wrong with that? 'Yo, Kim is dope, she's the sh*t.' I'm a fan, I've been in the game for f*cking 17 years and I still say KRS-One is my idol. I still say LL Cool J is my idol. It's nothing wrong with saying 'Yo, Kim is the sh*t.' Everybody knows that Lil Kim is the sh*t. She's a real b*tch, a living legend, down with Notorious B.I.G., why wouldn't she big her up?"

     In related news, Fat Joe recently sat down to talk about Big Pun, 50 Cent and, of course, his new "Darkside" album. Joe finishes up by dropping a quick freestyle, check out the footage below.

Fat Joe – Backs Lil Kim In Nicki Minaj Dispute



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