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Fat Joe Suprises School Students

Posted By on June 12, 2009

    Fat Joe became the latest rapper to appear at a local school Thursday (June 11th). The Terror Squad leader surprised students at a inner-city school to make a speech for "School Is Cool," an event in New Jersey. "I can buy a watch, they can take it," Joe explained to the crowd. "I can buy a car, I can crash it. But an education, they can't ever take that away from you. You can take a man without an education and he can become a mechanic or a baker and he can know everything about baking and do it for 22 years. But that's as far as he's ever going to go. The man who gets an education doesn't have to know a thing about baking. He doesn't have to know how to make a donut, but he becomes his boss. That's the difference about having an education."

    Earlier in the year, Kanye West announced and yesterday he performed at the Chicago Theatre for the second Stay In School Benefit Concert. Sponsored by the Kanye West Foundation, which was founded by the his late mother, Dr. Donda West, the foundation's goal is stemming academic dropout rates.