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Fat Joe Talks Problems With Capital Records

Posted By on July 26, 2010

     Fat Joe may be the leader of the Terror Squad but he does have to answer to someone and those are the executives at Capitall Records, he curremt record label. Joey Crack is currrently pissed at the lack of promotion for his last album, 2009's "J.O.S.E. 2."
      Accordin to Fat Joe, things are getting better as the current issues with the label ended when the associate left the company. "I had signed with Capitol through a guy named Neal Levine, but he took a promotion at Sony and left. The new guy that took over, immediately me and him didn't get alone. We had bad words with each other, so he pretty much told me, 'Yo, you are going to see how I do you!' That meant no marketing dollars behind that album…no money for videos or for a promo tour. They left me to die. But that doesn't take away from it being a good album."

Fat Joe – Talks Issues With His Records Label Capital