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Volume 1 of Fat Joe’s Darkside Is Here

Posted By on July 27, 2010

      Fat Joe has already announced plans to work on albums after his current "The Darkside, Volume 1" (we are guessing Volume 2 or 3?) but in the mean time his new project hit stores today, Tuesday (June 27th). The Terror Squad leader believes his new album will spark a line of albums and ultimately become its own brand.

      "The Darkside, Vol. 2, we already started the intro," Joe said in an interview. "We're just trying to make The Darkside its own brand. It's Fat Joe, but it's The Darkside. We come with Vol. 2, make it crazier than Vol. 1, by the time Vol. 3 come, we got a problem on our hands…Your man Raekwon, without a radio single, banged out numbers on that Purple Tape [a.k.a. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II] because that was already an established classic. It was a brand itself. People knew 'I gotta hear that next album.'"

Fat Joe – Prepares For Days Ahead (Album In Stores Today)