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Fat Joe Talks 50 Cent’s Career Falling Off

Posted By on August 17, 2010

      Although he recently said he would be up for ending the beef with 50 Cent, Fat Joe spoke about how he feels the G-Unit leader's rap career has fallin off.

      "Nah, yo listen man, I don't pay attention to 50 Cent, he's irrelevant," Joe told rap personality DJ Vlad. "If you want to talk about record sales, he went from selling 10 million records to not even going gold his last album so he lost nine and a half million fans. The economy's f*cked up plus he ain't been making good music. All we doing is making good music at the end of the day. The reason Rick Ross is still around, the reason why Fat Joe is still around is because n*ggas is making good music. He just gotta step it up and make some good music. I don't want to dwell on 50 Cent but I've never seen a guy have a classic album and make such great music, his material decline so much in hip-hop history, like I be thinking he's faking us out or something. I've never seen no sh*t happen like that…"

Fat Joe – Talks About 50 Cent's Career Downfall