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Fat Joe Explains Selling His Florida Mansion

Posted By on August 23, 2010

     Rapper Fat Joe recently talked about why he decided to sell his $4 million dollar Florida mansion. The Terror Squad leader says that the wild life and distance from parties forced his wife and himself back towards Miami.

     "Through the permits, it's so hard to get the right permits and all that," Joe said about building his Florida home years ago. "So it's built, it's beautiful and I love it. [I'm selling it] because we want to move closer to the beach and we come from New York. I've lived close to a beach in Miami for like 10 years and then this suburban life, I thought I really wanted to be in the suburbs but you know, it's frogs, it's lizards, it's sh*t I've never seen in my life. Possums look like wolves and sh*t, I got them lights in case the burglar come and every day a f*cking raccoon comes through the back and sh*t lights up and I'm ready to grab for that thing and it's fall. We like to party and it's like 40 minutes away from the party and out there they catch you drinking and driving. But the house is gorgeous man and for the record, there's no mortgage on the house. My house is paid for. I spent close to $4 million on that house out of pocket. So I don't know the rumors about why I'm selling it."

Fat Joe – Explains Why He Is Selling Florida Mansion