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Fat Joe Says Remy Ma Is In Slavery (Video)

Posted By on September 1, 2010

      Fat Joe recently sat down to talk about Remy Ma serving time behind bars for a gun conviction and how he never understood why their relationship crumbled. The Terror Squad leader says he feels sorry for Remy Ma and believes the jail system is cruel.

      "I ain't understand why," Joe said referring to Remy's past disses toward him. "There 10 million people trying to get into the rap game and I gave this girl an opportunity. I put her on 'Lean Back,' the number one song in the country [in 2004] — I realized there was no one I could blame. A lot of people turn around and want to escape from the pressure, so you need to blame somebody…My son used to look up to her, she was like my sister — and that's why it's unforgiiveable. You know how some love is unconditional? This is unforgiveable. I wish her the best, she's still the best girl rapper in the game. I'm sure she'll come out and do her thing. But you know, it is what it is. I don't wish [her sentence] on nobody. I don't wish that on somebody who wants to kill me. I don't want nobody to go to jail for three minutes. It's slavery. It's modern day slavery. It's h*ll. Especially a girl like Remy Ma, I know the real Remy Ma, the little girl, the little sister, I knew her. It's a sad thing, she's got a kid, it's just a sad thing."

Fat Joe – Says Remy Ma Is In Modern Day Slavery