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Fat Joe Talks About Jay-Z & Remy Ma

Posted By on October 7, 2009

      Fat Joe's new "J.O.S.E. Part II" album hit stores recently and he held a release party in New York last month for it and guess who showed up? Jay-Z. Joey says despie the two having problems in the past, they had no issues at the party. First Joe talked about former Terror Squad member Remy Ma. "She's just, you know, stay strong because I don't wish that on nobody," Joe said in an interview. "Not [even] on my worst enemy. She got a kid and family who misses her so I can, that's, that's, you know, I wish her the best. She can come home or whatever the case may be. You know, we rockin' on." [Fat Joe Talks About Remy Ma – Watch Here]

     Joe then went on to talk about Jay-Z "[me and Jay] are cool, I actually think it was cool that he showed up to the party. [laughs] Nah man, don't listen to the hype [about me hitting him with a bottle in the past.] I got no problems with Jay-Z. Whatever happened in the past, whatever, the past is the past. I got absolutely no problems in the universe with this guy, you know, he does his thing man, he's putting it down for hip-hop. I'm not hatin' on that man whatsoever, man." [Fat Joe Talks About Jay-Z – Watch Here]


Fat Joe – Talks About Jay-Z Crashing His Release Party