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Fat Joe Tries To Make The Best Rap Record

Posted By on October 8, 2009

     Fat Joe is on a mission, a mission "to make the ultimate best record in hip-hop history that will stop Earth from rotating. I wanna make something that’s gonna make the biggest nonbeliever on the planet Earth say, ‘Oh, my God. What’s up with this dude?’ I’m after the undeniable," Joe says. When it comes to releasing an album Joe says he has to be in New York to do it. "I gotta be in New York for that," he said. "If you’re anywhere else, you’re crazy. This is my biggest market, this is my home. I gotta celebrate with my people here at the end of the day." [Fat Joe Tries to Make The Best Rap Album Ever – Watch Here]

     After recent releases by many New York artists, Fat Joe is looking forward to his fans embracing his new "J.O.S.E. II" album. "Fabolous’ album was crazy. Jay-Z’s album was crazy. Even Maino dropped, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes — it made me feel great," he said. "I’m glad people finally dropping hot albums. That’s the best part about it: Everybody is consistent with their work. I’m really proud f my work. I’m really, really proud of my album. I can’t wait for a fan who hasn’t heard it." [Fat Joe Talks About Releasing His Album – Watch Here]

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