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Fat Joe & Accountant Deny IRS Story

Posted By on January 31, 2008

We previously reported that Fat Joe was in trouble with the IRS, with a bill over $150,000. Joe has since came forward to deny the issue. "I definitely pay my taxes," Joe said, "I'm straight up with it. The first thing I ever learned in the entertainment business is
you gotta pay the IRS. First thing. Before I take a dollar, before I buy me a bag of potato chips, I pay those people."

Brian Dittrich, Joe's longtime accountant, says he is investigating the report.  "I've represented Joe in matters of taxation for close to 12 years,"  "It is my understanding that Joe is current with all federal and state taxes and that there are no balances due," Dittrich said.

Fat Joe continued by saying he's confused by the reports, "I been in the game twelve years, I've never had no accusations of owing nobody, or owing taxes or nothing like that. Where does this come from," the rapper asked.