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Fat Joe Fires Back At 50 Cent & G-Unit

Posted By on March 21, 2008

The fued continues. Fat Joe & 50 Cent's problems won't be helped when Joe releases the new mixtape "Gay Unit Vol. 1" which is being put out by K.A.R. Entertainment mixtape rookie Suge White. Kill All Rats Entertainment's MySpace page (who are Fat Joe's affiliates), and DJ Suge White, have posted the cover of the mixtape aimed at 50 Cent and G-Unit. The cover featured a photoshopped image of 50, Yayo and Banks tightly embraced, with all three being portrayed with smeared lipstick on their face and Yayo was tattooed with a "I Miss Jail" on his right shoulder plus Banks sporting a portrait of Curtis on his left shoulder with "Delicious" tagged under it. The disstape is Fat Joe's answer to G-Unit's "Elephant In The Sand" mixtape [download here] which 50 Cent has stated 700,000 copies have been downloaded off of his website already. Yesterday 50 released a video of a mock Fat Joe funeral [watch here] after SoundScan issued Fat Joe's first week sales of only 46,000 copies. Fat Joe did reply to the funeral video by releasing his own video on YouTube [watch here] where Joe's camp says Interscope's budget for Curtis was $27 million and the total losses for the album was $22.6 million, while his independent release had a first week profit of $50,674 and he is "just getting started."

Click Here to see Fat Joe's Video Reply & The Cover to "Gay Unit Vol 1"