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Fat Joe & Papoose Both Reply To Fight Rumors, Fat Joe Denies, Papoose Confirms

Posted By on March 4, 2008

As we reported yesterday, 50 Cent's website reported that Papoose allegedly punched out Fat Joe at Cassidy's hotel room after a show a few days ago. Websites that featured a picture of Fat Joe hurt were sent a letter from Fat Joe's reps demanding they take it down, saying it was "altered" and that "You are hereby notified that the story is false." Fat Joe then released a video where he busts a freestyle and addresses the rumors saying that they are completely untrue, and he hasn't been in a fight since Junior High School. Papoose went on a San Francisco radio station, KMEL 106 yesterday (3/3), and spoke with radio personality Big Von and gave his side. Pap said the fight did go down, saying "I Put My Work In On The Middle Of That Chin," when he was asked about went down.

YOU DECIDE: Listen to Papoose On The Radio CONFIRM It, Watch Fat Joe's Video Reply DENING It.

Papoose Talks About Fat Joe Fight on KMEL, listen below…


Fat Joe Replies To Papoose Fight Rumors, watch below…