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Migos Being Sued For Inciting Riot?

Posted By on March 6, 2018

Migos is being sued for inciting a riot at one of their shows causing several people to get stabbed.

According to TMZ, the concert happened in Albany, New York back in 2015. The lawsuit claims the rap group showed up hours late to the show, which didn’t sit well with the crowd. Once Migos showed up they allegedly refused to do a meet-and-greet, even though fans paid for it in advance.

The group is also being blamed for, “encouraging, cheering and inciting the patrons to fight.”

The suit, filed by the venue, claims Migos “caused patrons to be stabbed, robbed, beaten, severely harmed, and injured …” and during the melee they were “laughing and egging the crowd on as metal gates were ripped from the ground and thrown into the crowd.”