G Unit TOS Interview

G Unit TOS Interview

Interview by Allyson Schneiderwind

Rap Basement:Tell us a little about Terminate On Sight, what can fans expect from this album?


Rap Basement: You said this album is a little more aggressive. What can you tell me about the vibe about this album?

Rap Basement: There is a lot of talk lately about where you guys might go after your deal with Interscope is complete. Do you want to talk about what your plans might be?

Rap Basement: You guys just finished an international tour and you got to see a side of the world that a lot of people don’t even know exists. Could you tell us about that tour and how it effected you?

Rap Basement: Did you guys hear any artists outside the U.S. during your tour that you might want to work with?

Rap Basement: Do you think becoming successful and getting money, changes your music and style? Did this last tour put things like that into perspective with that?

Rap Basement: Who do you guys’ think are some of the strong rappers out there besides G-Unit?

Rap Basement: Do you guys have any plans for upcoming solo projects?

Rap Basement: How did you guys get involved with the Sean Bell foundation?

Rap Basement: A lot of fans are curious if either of you guys have plans to do any mixtapes, like with Whoo Kidd or maybe a gangster grillz mixtape or anything?

Rap Basement: Why is G-Unit gotten back into the mixtape thing? We know that’s how you guys got started, so why have you decided to get back into it?

Rap Basement: Is it was never really clear what happened with the Young Buck situation, would you mind telling us what happened?

Rap Basement: You guys are such a close group, is it hard to keep everyone on the same page and keep everyone moving in the same direction, since you guys are so close?

Rap Basement: The Game seems to mention you guys in every single song, what are your thoughts on that?

Rap Basement: Do you guys address any of those rappers like Game or Fat Jor or any of that stuff on Terminate On Sight?

Rap Basement: What do you guys think about The Game trying to release his album around the same time as yours?

Rap Basement: What do you think are some rappers that aren’t mainstream or haven’t came out yet, some rappers that you think are hot?

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