Rondell Beene D12 Tour Diary

Rondell Beene D12 Tour Diary

Rondelle Beene D12 Tour Diary Entries
-D12 Heads To London For Final Show
-Royce Da 5'9 Talks About D12 Backstage In Dublin
-Royce Da 5'9 In Manchester With D12
-Rodell Beene Interview #2
-Rodell Beene Hangs Out Back Stage With D12 On Tour
-D12 In Amsterdam
-D12 Hangs With The Troops
-Classified & Half Life Prepare For Tour
-Rondell Beene Interview # 1
-D12 Live In Zurich
-Troop OB Freestyles For D12
-D12 Coming TO Amsterdam
-Tour Diary 3: Is It Gay? Freestyle & More
-Tour Diary 4: Zurich Hotel Madness
-D12 Tour Diary: It Starts!
-Rondell Beene Entry #1: Introduction

















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