DiddyBeats Ear-Bud Headphone Review

DiddyBeats Ear-Bud Headphone Review

     Monster, along with Dr Dre, brought on two new stars to continue their line of "Beats By Dre" headphones, including Lady Gaga (HeartBeats) and the new P Diddy, DiddyBeats ear-buds. We already use the first edition Beats By Dre Studio headphones, so we are a little bias, but we have to say that if you are looking for a pair of ear-bud headphones, DiddyBeats are for you. The new line comes in three different colors, black, white and power-pink for the ladies, and even feature Monster's ControlTalk technology which allows you  to have on-cable controls and even hands-free calling. Selling for around $180, they are a little pricy, but if you are like us and into high quality sound, they are definitely worth it.

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– Available In 3 Different Colors

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