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Flo Rida

Flo Rida Gets Robbed For $170,000 By A Couple In Florida

Posted By on January 23, 2014

Miami rapper Flo Rida has been reportedly been punked for $170,000 by a couple in Florida. Flo Rida tried to buy a house from the couple five years ago and the couple ran off with his money.  The reports claim Flo attempted to buy the house, but the deal never officially closed.

The details of the situation have been popping up all across the internet.

 Flo Rida got taken for a Rida — at least according to new court docs — the rapper claims he forked over $170,000 to purchase a house in the Sunshine State … and the owners ran off with his money. Here’s the story — Flo claims he attempted to purchase the home from Florida couple Pierre and Marie Malette in 2009 … but the deal never closed. Flo claims he handed over the money as a down payment, but the Malettes never signed over the house … leaving Flo with no house and no money. (TMZ)

As if things couldn’t get worse for Flo Rida, reports claim that couple who stole the money has filed for bankruptcy.

“Sources close to Flo tell us he’s not as upset about the house — he wasn’t going to live there … it’s more about the dough. The Malettes have since filed for bankruptcy … and now Flo has filed a claim in their case, demanding his $170K.” (TMZ)