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Flo Rida

DMX ERRR Flo Rida Wanted For Animal Cruelty

Posted By on March 26, 2009

    Flo Rida is getting spun around… the legal system. The Florida rapper is heading down the DMX path as he is reportedly being looked for by the police for accusations of animal cruelty after visiting a retail store in Kentucky. Lexington Police say a witness saw Flo Rida's tour bus stopping and two men got out and killed a rabbit. [watch here]

    Without getting into details, police said that the witness said the men step out and simply kill the rabbit and jump back in the box and move on. Of course Flo Rida might not have been one of the two men, but Police are looking for his bus which is reportedly heading to Columbus, Ohio.
[watch here]

    Click Here to Watch the News Video Report on Flo-Rida Animal Abuse