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Flo Rida

Flo Rida Offers To Pay For Abortion Costs With Ex Girlfriend

Posted By on May 5, 2014

Flo Rida is making headlines this week as reports clam the Miami rapper’s ex-girlfriend has come forth to reveal that Flo offered to pay the abortion costs for their alleged child.

According to reports, Flo Rida has been accused of offering his ex to cover the costs of an abortion, but told her he was not going to pay any child support.

 “Natasha Georgette Williams is fighting Flo in court to get financial assistance — he won’t acknowledge he’s the daddy — but in a new court filing she claims he demanded she have an abortion … which she refused. Flo says he wants DNA proof he’s the father, but Williams is refusing in utero testing — amniocentesis — because doctors told her it was invasive and risky for the baby’s health. In the docs, Williams says she’s down for testing — once the baby’s born.“ (TMZ)

Flo was forced to pay child support for a two year old last year in Florida.

 “Flo Rida’s baby mama is demanding the rapper fork over some dough for his kid … the very same kid Flo adamantly DENIED fathering — but now we know the truth. The Florida Dept. of Revenue filed legal docs in connection with Gloria Holloway’s request for child support from Flo — real name Tramar Dillard — for Gloria’s two-year-old son. As TMZ previously reported, Flo denied knocking up Gloria … and even claimed he took a paternity test that came back negative — but according to the new docs, the court has ALREADY established paternity.” (TMZ)