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Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown Takes Shots At Jay-Z & Lil Kim

Posted By on February 4, 2010

     Foxy Brown recently released a new track "Let Em Know" where she hints at past romantic relationships with fellow New York rapper Jay-Z and even took a shot at Lil Kim. On the new track, Foxy refers to Lil Kim's run on the television show "Dancing With The Stars." Foxy raps "The streets talking about the hood going crazy," Foxy raps, "N*ggas heard I f*cked with Ross and had a n*gga baby/They said I f*cked with Nas and now they say it's AZ, but on the low, the real n*gga was Jay-Z — way before the God blew, way before the Maybach."

     Foxy continued "Outta town trips to Baltimore…I'd rather be at a club at the bar than to disrespect my hood, you 'Dancing With The Stars'/Nah, I'm in the hood taking chances with the Gods — I can't see all you broads, dismantle all your broads — slam a b*tch on her back like I'm John Cena, f*ck that, I ain't Kim — I ain't Trina/I'm BK's own diva."

Foxy Brown ft Easy Moe Bee, Bam – Let Em Know (Jay-Z, Lil Kim Diss)