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Foxy Brown Talks Special Treatment Rumors

Posted By on June 24, 2009

    As we reported yesterday, there were rumors going around that Foxy Brown was given special treatment while she was in prison last year. Now Foxy herself has come forward to address the rumors saying they are simply false. "All I could do was laugh after reading those erroneous *ss allegations!," Foxy wrote. "Once again, Hip-Hop is on blast for some bullsh*t. Denouncing our brand and depicting our culture as having an irreproachable 'sense of entitlement.'…Now a year and a half after I left Rikers Island, it's breaking news whether I got "special treatment" during my incarceration? Boy oh boy, sounds like some disgruntled, hating *ss corrections employee concocted this fabricated story!"

    Foxy made sure to make it clear stating "I NEVER GOT ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT. NO "valet" service, meals from Mr. Chows or C.O gatherings in my cell. Actually, on many occasions I was denied basic privileges and rules were over enforced. The audacity of a newspaper to even print this sh*t!… I just celebrated my 1 YEAR anniversary home from jail and publicly thanked the c.o's and staff who treated me with respect."