Foxy Brown Reacts To Lindsay Lohan In Jail

Foxy Brown Reacts To Lindsay Lohan In Jail

      New York rapper Foxy Brown recently reacted to actress Lindsay Lohan getting 90-days in Jail, explaining how she can related to being locked up as a celebrity. Foxy Brown says Lohan's time behind bars reminds her of being sent to Rikers Island for a year back in 2007.

      "My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan. I watched her being taken to jail and it brought back tears and memories. It wasn't all negative, I have to say that," Brown said in an interview. "People just automatically think that prison stereotypically is the worst place. I was unlawfully sent to prison for a year, but I kind of welcomed the serenity when I was sentenced and I knew I had to deal with this…When Puff says 'Mo money, mo problems,' it's really true. It's such a blessing being a celebrity. There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity, but the downside of it? Oh, man. You're constantly targeted. We all need to be law-abiding citizens, but I think each case needs to be ruled by the law, as opposed to this is a celebrity who is doing this and needs to be taught a lesson."


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