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Foxy Brown doesnt talk; suspect walks

Posted By on June 29, 2007

The woman charged with attacking Foxy Brown outside a Brooklyn housing project this past weekend has been released from Rikers Island after the Brooklyn bred rapper refused to testify to a grand jury about the incident.

Roshawn Anthony, 23, was charged with assault and robbery charges in connection with the attack on Foxy Brown outside the Louis H. Pink Houses on Saturday night (June 23).

Anthony was allegedly one of three women who were summoned by Brown's boyfriend to attack the rapper after she reportedly dumped him for being a pimp. The women stole Brown's $500 handbag, necklaces and her hearing aid.

According to New York's Daily News, the district attorney's office had until 5 p.m. yesterday (June 28) to indict Anthony but she was let go after Brown refused to testify.

Anthony, who has denied the charges, had been held since Monday (June 25) on $50,000 bail but state law prohibits jailing suspects for more than 120 hours unless an indictment is filed.

Brown's ex-boyfriend has been identified by authorities as Timothy
Collier, 33, a small-time pimp. Neighbors said they had seen Brown and
Collier together over the past few weeks but had not seen Collier since

Brown, who initially cooperated with police, stopped talking to the
authorities and denied the assault when reporters approached her the
day after news of her attack surfaced.

On Tuesday (June 26), Chaz Williams, CEO of Foxy's management team
Black Hand Entertainment, claims the rapper wasn't cooperating because
she got the bag back with all of her stuff. .

Prosecutors still have six months to persuade Brown to testify so they
can file an indictment. Anthony has to return to court on August 9.