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Foxy Brown Downs Her Own Album After Weak Sales

Posted By on May 16, 2008

    Foxy Brown isn't too happy with the current status of album sales. Last week she released her street album, Brooklyn's Don Diva, and hardly anyone picked it up. In a message she posted on Miss Info's (Hot 97) blog, Foxy went off on her album, downing it in every way. Foxy said it was put together without her approval while she was in prison. "Brooklyn's Don Diva, my highly anticipated street album which hit stores Tuesday, is, as it was always intended to be, a mixtape street album- the warm-up to my long-awaited, Epic (Records), fourth studio album, Black Roses," Foxy wrote. "I heard this CD in its entirety for the first time just days ago and was devastated. [I am] riddled with grief over an album that was seemingly so carelessly orchestrated."

    "In the wake of the profound spiritual cleansing I recently underwent in prison, I sat down with the President of Koch to come to a decision on how to make the best of this situation," she explained. "In another phase of my life and career I would have dealt with this situation with litigation, but for the benefits of my fans, I made the decision to settle our creative difference amicably." Next month, Koch will re-release Brooklyn's Don Diva with more structure promotional campaign, which includes 5 new records, videos, publicity and mass marketing. To the rapper's delight, the revamped disc will not hit selves without her approval.