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Foxy Brown Piles On 7 Traffic Violations To Hefty Crime Record

Posted By on August 21, 2007

Does it ever end with Foxy???

Foxy Brown's legal troubles continue to mount as reports have surfaced that the Brooklyn bred rapper gave false information to police during a traffic stop in New Jersey last week.

According to the Associated Press, Brown was initially stopped by police last Wednesday (August 15) for talking on a handheld cell phone and failing to stop at a stop sign. After a check showed that the registration for the SUV she was driving was suspended, Brown reportedly gave officers a variation of her real name and date of birth.

When a search for the name she gave showed no records, Brown gave cops her correct information and the officers then learned that her license was suspended.

Brown was then taken to police headquarters, where she was issued seven traffic tickets and released on her own recognizance. She is expected to appear in Mahwah Municipal Court on September 4.

The traffic stop came a day after Brown (born Inga Marahcand) was charged with felony assault for hitting her neighbor with a Blackberry phone. The New York City Department of Probation filed a violation report against the rapper and she could be facing jail time.

On another note, the New York Post recently reported that Foxy is preganat and has plans to marry soon. The rapper did not say who she will be exchanging vows with or when she is expecting to deliver her first child.