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Foxy Brown Released From Prison, Starts Work On Album & TV Show

Posted By on April 18, 2008

    As we reported yesterday, Foxy Brown is being released today from her 12-month prison sentence at Rikers Island. Yesterday we reported that Foxy and her people had planned an entire event and the Department Of Corrections didn't like it. Well here's what went down. Soon as Foxy was released, she changed outfits and was greeted by her mother and lawyer, plus 100's of reporters and fans. They had pink baloons, posters and "Free Foxy Brown" t-shirts. A fleet of luxury vehicles including three Rolls Royce's and a Maybach filled with clothes showed up for the rapper. So it sounds like Foxy got her way over the DOC.
    Foxy is going to get right to work on her next album, Brooklyn's Don Diva. The album will include production by Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, and will hit stores on May 13. Foxy also is slated to be in a featured reality TV show on VH1 that will center around how she readjusts to life after being released from jail as well as her efforts to promote her new album.

    Click Here to view footage of Foxy Brown Getting Out Of Prison

Foxy Brown Gets Out Of Prison