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Foxy Brown’s Manager Fires Back At Foxy’s Criticism

Posted By on May 21, 2008

    Foxy Browns former manager is firing back, after Foxy recently criticised her album which was released under his management. Foxy blasted her long-awaited album Brooklyn's Don Diva, which was
released last week. She claimed the disc was compiled without her
approval while she was doing an eight-month bid in New York City's
Riker's Island correctional facility. Foxy said "I heard this CD in its entirety for the first time just days ago and
was devastated," she said. "[I am] riddled with grief over an album
that was seemingly so carelessly orchestrated."

    Chaz "Slim" Williams spoke out on Eminem's Shade 45 Sirius radio station saying "It's really my fault," he joked openly. "I picked the tracks, I wrote the record, and I recorded it so you can blame me. I was in the booth," he said sarcasticly. Williams told hosts Angela Yee and Leah Rose that the only time he really heard the album was during production. He never gave it a final listen. "To tell you the truth, I didn't listen to the album after it was [recorded]," he said. "I don't even have it."

    "I just want you to know that in times of peace you prepare for war, and you better bet I'm prepared, so I would advise as a cautionary measure, a caveat, don't even do it." The two have parted ways after working together for over a year.