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Update: Judge Says Foxy Brown Needs More Proof To Get Out Of Jail Early

Posted By on January 18, 2008

As we previously reported, Foxy Brown had made a plea to the courts to get released early to treat a hearing condition. The AP is reporting that Foxy would have to prove tha she could become deaf without treatment before the judge will let her out. "I need to have more information on this," said Acting state Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson.

Assistant DA, Cindy Chung, said an inmate should not be able to choose doctors and that Foxy has failed to prove the treatment could not be done in New York. Brown pled her case to the judge that she has learned valuable lessons in jail. "I have too much talent to throw it away," Brown said. "I know I will make you proud and my family proud."  Foxy is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 31st to find out if the Judge will allow her to go to L.A.