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Future Breaks Down His Touring Experience With Drake

Posted By on March 6, 2014

Future recently hit Tim Westwood and chopped it up abut everything from Ciara’s pregnancy to what it’s like working and touring with Drake. The “Tony Montana” rapper also admitted that Drizzy’s verse on the remix to “Shit” is the only one he’s heard.


“Only verse I heard was Drake,” Future said of the many “Shit” remix verses. “People been like getting on my songs from the beginning, like ‘Tony Montana’ to ‘Racks On Racks’ to ‘Ain’t No Way Around It,’ every song I ever done, people did it over. So, I don’t really listen to it because it just become a fad to me. It’s expected now, soon as I do a song I know somebody gon’ do it. I don’t even listen to it.”

“I asked Drake to do his verse, so when I ask you to do it, I pay attention,” he said. “But I didn’t ask no one else to get on my songs. They just jump on it. But it’s cool because it adds life to the song, but I don’t ever pay attention to it. Sorry.”


Future also spoke on “faking out” fans into believing he wouldn’t be joining Drake on tour.

“Most incredible experience, my first time going out man, it was wonderful,” he said of the tour. “City-to-city we tearing it down, sold out. Canada was sold out. Everywhere we went sold out, it was made real. Great, great experience being able to come out on stage. He’d bring me out every night on the stage, the element of surprise was crazy ‘cause people thought I wasn’t going to go on tour. We had’em faked out the whole time, they really believed it. That’s why I say the media believe anything you put out there so it’s cool. I love it, tell’em what they wanna believe and they go and run with it until they hear and see the truth.”


Check out the Full interview with Tim Westwood below: