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Olivia Says She Asked To Leave G-Unit

Posted By on January 27, 2010

     Former first lady of G-Unit, Olivia, recently cleared up rumors that she was booted off 50 Cent's record company. The singer says that she actually was never dropped but asked to leave G-Unit. "Again, miscommunication came into play, because I felt like I was just being a hood girl. So I spoke to Fif about it and told him that I was trying to do R&B, and being marketed as a rapper was not going to work. I loved being with them, but the direction that we was going wasn't working out for me."

     "I already knew that I was not going to stay with them for a long time anyway because them with me would become ludicrous after a while, and plus I always saw myself as a solo artist, but with them it was always 50 Cent and G-Unit. After I left, the rumors hits the radios saying that I was dropped from the label while I asked to be let go."

Olivia – Says She Asked TO Leave G-Unit