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Olivia Says DJ Whoo Kid Goes Too Far

Posted By on February 5, 2010

     Former G-Unit singer Olivia recently sat down to talk about the non-stop battle with DJ Whoo Kid, even explaining how his jokes have often caused much controversy in their circle. Oliva says that she has stopped talking to Whoo Kid serveral times because of his alleged accusations including saying she had a romance with Young Buck.

     "That's Whoo Kid being a smart a** and he'll tell you 'Oh I'm just trying to put your name out there,' and I be like, okay you don't have to do it with the BS," Olivia said in an interview. "I curse him out on a daily. Like, we're good friends but I tell him to his face, 'He's an a**hole.' He knows that. I stopped talking to him numerous times because of his mouth and then he'll come back and apologize behind the scenes. Yes you are a punk because you apologize to me every time you little f*ggot and it pisses me off. But like I said, they're all still my boys and like I said, he is doing the mixtape [for me] so it's no love lost. I just gotta cuss at him because you don't do that to people you care about. The general public doesn't know it's a joke, we know it's a joke. We know it's a joke but they don't know."

Olivia – Says DJ WHoo Kidd Apologzies Non Stop