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DJ Whoo Kid Warns Rappers Of Early Footage

Posted By on February 25, 2010

     Long-time DJ for G-Unit, DJ Whoo Kid recently sent a friendly warning to all the rappers out there. Whoo Kid says he plans to release all of the back unreleased footage he has, going back as far as the early 90s.

     "Yo this is crazy, I've got unlimited footage man, you guys on those wack websites using regular content, I've got thousands of hours of video," Whoo Kid promised in a recording. "And I mean, from the 90's. The early T.I., the early Kanye, I was there before Kanye flipped his car. He don't even know, I didn't even remember filming him. But check it out, we did and I got it. So you can check it out, RadioPlanetTV, yo, who knows what's in here. I hope you rappers ain't got bad footage because I'm putting it all out."

DJ Whoo Kid – Warns Rappers Hes Putting Out All The Old Footage