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Younk Buck & Lloyd Banks Speak On G-Unit Album Plans

Posted By on June 3, 2014

 G-Unit member Lloyd Banks and former member Young Buck have finally addressed the rumors about plans to get back together for a long-awaited G-Unit reunion album.

According to the two, G-Unit fans should expect them to create a new project as a collective.

 “Last night, at the after-party for the screening of the new Starz series Power, executive produced by 50 Cent, XXL put that question to all four original members of G-Unit. “We got no dates, we working,” said Young Buck. “[We] in the studio. Stay tuned.” Banks added, “Work in progress. We just put out the new freestyle today. Check it out.” (XXL Mag)

Producer Nascent recently confirmed the talk about the group joining forces for album.

 “Right now we’re working on the new 50, J. Cole, Wale and Count from L.E.P. Bogus Boys” said Nascent. “The new album and also the new G-Unit project we’ve been working on. We have a good relationship with them over there. We always send them new music, but that right now is a thing we’re focused on.” (XXL Mag)

Listen to the new G-Unit Feat. Kidd Kidd –  “Grindin’ My Whole Life” (Remix) HERE.

  • Georgie Bro

    I can’t wait for this one album.

    • carl grimes

      me too , with the right production it could be great

      • Georgie Bro

        I know

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