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Whoo Kid Wont Work With Ja Rule “No Wack Juice”

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    Although the beef between G-Unit and rappers like Ja Rule and Fat Joe seem to be going away, long-time G-Unit member and 50 Cent's DJ, Whoo Kid says that will not work with either of those two artists. [watch here] Whoo Kid says besides the beef with his group, he really won't work with them because of of their sound. "A lot of artists I deal with, like South, West Coast, it doesn't matter," Whoo Kid explained in an interview. [watch here]

    "A lot of people think because I mess with G-Unit I only do G-Unit, but no, I work with other people. I just don't work with Ja Rule or Fat Joe or all these guys. It's not only loyalty but it's common sense. I don't want to deal with wack juice. So it's like, I don't want no wack juice on me. So I don't deal with that. Everybody thinks that when they see me I only f*ck with 50 and Lloyd Banks and [Tony] Yayo, but hey, if you wanna think that, you and the world, every time I do something, usually the world downloads it and bootlegs it everywhere." [watch here]

DJ Whoo Kid Wont Work With Ja Rule, Fat Joe "No Wake Juice For Me"