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Olivia Talks Life After G-Unit In Hollywood

Posted By on October 6, 2009

     The former first lady of G-Unit, Olivia, recently sat down to talk about leaving 50 Cent's label, finishing up her upcoming album and persuing her career in the movie industry. The former covergirl for KING Magazine says she has been busy since leaving G-Unit. [Olivia Talks About Leaving G-Unit & Doing Movies – Watch Here]

      "I've been doing movies, y'all, finishing the album, I've been touring overseas, it's been a whole lot that y'all haven't seen me doing but the people who have been following me online checking out where I've been, they know what's up," Olivia said in an interview. "I've been working even though y'all don't think I've been working…When I was on G-Unit, I had to conform to what was on G-Unit, so I couldn't come out with R&B records because I was with a bunch of rappers so now I get to do exactly what I want to do and you get to hear me really sing, but again, for the people that come to my live shows, they see what I do…I'm no longer with G-Unit, I'm back solo." [Olivia Talks About Leaving G-Unit & Doing Movies – Watch Here]

Olivia – Says She Has Been Doing Movies