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Olivia Talks 50 Cent “He Doesn’t Know About R&B”

Posted By on November 6, 2009

    Former G-Unit member Olivia recently talked about leaving 50 Cent's record label, even stating where she stands with the remaining memebers of the Unit Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Olivia first discussed what exactly went down when she left G-Unit. "It was really just a bunch of politics, 50 and I had the same
manager," Olivia explained in an interview. "We always had conflicts
with him bringing back information on me or him bringing in information
on him. There was no R&B present at the labels; there wasn't any at
Violator or at G-Unit. 50 really had to do everything himself. He
doesn't know about R&B." [Olivia Talks About Leaving G-Unit – Watch Here]

    Olivia then went on to talk about the other G-Unit members  and even her upcoming acting roles. "I still talk to Banks and Yayo all the time. Sha Money is my big brother. Fif and I haven't spoken. We both tried to reach out to each other and it didn't work out. It's all cool though. Everything is fine…The three movies are ready…The first movie we did was called Peephole. The last one we shot was called Conspiracy X with Shawn Baker as the director. Kellita Smith is in that one, it's a great movie. It's about a guy who just got out of jail and he's trying to get back on his feet. He ends up running his own clothing company. Somebody tries to frame him and that is why it's called Conspiracy X. I'm just happy to be able to get into new things and pursue different endeavors." [Olivia Talks Banks & Yayo Plus Her Future Projects – Watch Here]

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