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M.O.P. Leaving G-Unit

Posted By on February 7, 2008

M.O.P. is looking for a new home. Their manager, Laze Elliot, said "As soon as I lock down the new situation, it will be official," adding that the terms were definitely “amicable.” While on G-Unit, M.O.P. did not release an album but it did helkp them, as their manager said, "The great thing about the G-Unit deal is that it cleared all the debts the group carried over the years," Laze explained. "So we are starting basically from scratch."
"I think [if we] would have got our record out earlier, that would have set a clear quality precedent," said Laze. " All the aesthetic issues would have been solved and we'd be on the second album by now. I knew we were going to have problems though, because 50 needed the group to be in a certain space in order for him to co-sign it."  "He didn't feel Fame was in that space physically or mentally," Laze continued. “He shouldn't have to [understand Fame], but there are many talented artists in history that you don't know where their talent comes from."  "50 has been good about letting us move on," Laze stated. "I still believe that we would work together. The relationship is much better from a creative standpoint."