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Young Buck Talks 50 Cent On Stage, 50 Cent Releases Phone Call Between Him & Buck

Posted By on June 17, 2008

    Yesterday we reported that Young Buck was recently in the Bay Area of California where during a concert he made statements regarding 50 Cent & G-Unit. Buck said that his statements regarding not getting a royalty check from G-Unit were said because he is real. "N*ggas say they got all this money, hundreds of millions, I ain't seen sh*t." Buck went on to say the difference between him and 50 Cent is that he could hit the bar, hit the streets, and 50 Cent couldn't go back to his. [watch here]

    Today 50 Cent released part one of a phone conversation that seems to have taken place after the fued started [listen here] In the phone call Buck talks to 50 saying that he doesn't want 50 to think that he is like Game or smurf (Ja Rule). saying that he couldn't make a record towards 50 like they had. Buck pretty much said that he didn't feel part of the group and 50 Cent didn't tolerate any of his mistakes.

    Listen to 50 Cent & Young Buck's Phone Call – Part 1, Click Here

    Watch Young Buck Talk About 50 Cent & G-Unit On Stage, Click Here

50 Cent & Young Buck Phone Call – Part 1 – Click Here

Young Buck Talks About 50 Cent & G-Unit