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Grafh & Bun B’s ‘Dont Stop’ The Rule (Audio)

Posted By on August 31, 2011

    New York rapper Grafh recently released his new "The Rule" Ep featuring the lead single "Dont Stop" with UGK's own Bun B. Check out the lead single below!

It was an honor and a blast to make “Don’t Stop” with Bun B, a close friend and one of the realest people alive. The Rule EP is now dropping on September 13th. Check out the cover for The Rule EP and the final tracklist below. (Grafh)

Grafh – Dont Stop ft Bun B


"The Rule" EP (track list)

1. Welcome to the Party
2. Hallucinating
3. Stoned
4. Conquer (Interlude)
5. It’s All the Same
6. Work It Out
7. Don’t Stop ft. Bun B
8. You Know Me
9. Let It Go