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Gucci Mane Indicted For Aggravated Assault

Posted By on April 12, 2013

There is an update on the alleged assault charges that where levied against rapper Gucci Mane, It was roughly two weeks ago that the embattled rapper was before a judge facing aggravated assault charges. After the rapper evaded arrest for several days after an arrest warrant was issued based on the accusations.

The rapper allegedly hit a fan who was seeking an autograph over the head with a bottle. The fan turned out to be a United State Army soldier, who reported the attack to authorities and showed the wounds that were allegedly inflicted by the Atlanta rapper.

Based on his past history of legal issues and the fact that he alluded authorities on this current charge, Gucci was denied bail and held in custody.

Gucci’s attorney admitted that he has a dark past and that his past made it difficult for him in his bond hearing, but he also revealed that there are not eye witnesses in this current case. On April 10th , Gucci Mane was officially indicted on one count of aggravated assault. Next, a trial date will be set and the rapper will have his day in court to defend himself against his accusers. For at least now, his ongoing feud with his formal label partner Waka Flaka Flame will have to be placed on the back burner.