Gucci Mane Credits 50 Cent Manager For Collabs

Gucci Mane Credits 50 Cent Manager For Collabs

    Gucci Mane recently talked about his upcoming collaborations with rap legend Snoop Dogg and R&B queen Mariah Carey. The southern rapper says he credits his unlikely relationship with 50 Cent's manager Chris Lighty for the help getting the collabs. [watch here]

     "[Fif's manager] got me and Mariah together," Gucci explained in an interview. [watch here] "I appreciate it. He put me on there as well as her. Both of them are smart for doing that…My boy Will.I.Am put me on ['Boom Boom Pow' remix]…He said he's been liking my stuff. So he got the record to me. It was hard…[Snoop] said he likes my stuff and his kids like my stuff. I was supposed to be on his last album, Ego Trippin'. I did a song and it didn't make it…We just did three more [songs]…We did one for his album Malice in Wonderland. It's called 'Opposites.' Look forward to that. I did another song for his album called 'Party Animal,' and we're trying to get Fergie on there." [watch here]

Gucci Mane Credits 50 Cent's Manager For His Collabs


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