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Gucci Mane A Free Man, Talks About Life After Jail

Posted By on July 14, 2011

After serving time for probation violation, Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane is a free man, and has opened up about what his first moves were after getting out of prison:

“I got out like a day ago. First thing I did, I just got my feet planted on the ground,” Gucci revealed in an interview. “Went back to the studio, banged out about five records. I got some great writing done, I got some new hits that people need to wait on…[In] ten years, hopefully I’ll still be touring, making music, doing something that I love. Right now, rapping is the thing that I love. Maybe then, I’ll have another passion.” (Karma Loop TV)

After some legal hold ups, the rapper was released, and even hit several parties in a “Welcome Home” club celebration run:

Gucci Mane is home- no for real this time. After a few false starts, the “Freaky Gurl” rapper was freed from Fulton County Jail early Friday morning his lawyer confirmed for RapFix. During the 4th of July weekend reports swirled that the Atlanta-based rapper was released from a three-month jail stint stemming from a probation violation, but that was not so.”Procedural holdups” delayed Gucci’s release, but today all of the legal drama is seemingly behind him.

Gucci is hitting three parties in Georgia and Tennessee to celebrate with his fans. Friday night the singer, who makes people go Brrr, is performing at Club Fathom for a Welcome Home Party. The poster — fittingly — features Gucci with handcuffs. Saturday he travels to the Life Nightclub in Atlanta and on Sunday he appears at Atlanta’s Velvet Room with boxer Floyd Maryweather, who is an aspiring rapper. (Rapfix, Rumorfix)