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Gucci Mane Catches Protests Over Lyrics

Posted By on August 20, 2009

    Gucci Mane is catching slack for his lyrics. The rapper who recently collaborated with Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg, is facing his Georgia concert being cancelled after protesters have argued his rap lyrics are not suitable for teenagers. Starting with a local citizen catching the attention of a public official who wrote a letter to the City commissioner Bob Langstaff, protesting an act that is to come to the Civic Center on August 29th. City Manager Al Lott even says he is working on getting the performance caneled and scheduling a special called meeting of the Cit Commission in order to adopt guidelines and policies for performances.

    Despite all the talk about canceling his show, city leaders are saying that Gucci Mane's concert will be heavily supervised and under police control. With contracts signed, if they canceled the show they would be on the hook for the money already paid by the promoter. Now leaders are saying they are going to look at events in the future, they say his show must go on. "The ability to control an event internally is always going to be better, we can have our door guards which we would normally have anyway and we can make sure we have security inside and out," said Wes Smith, Albany Assistant City Manager. Control the event they will, there won't be alcohol sales for this concert and there will be extra security.