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Gucci Mane Rumored To Be Dropped By Atlantic Records After Twitter Rant

Posted By on September 10, 2013

As we reported yesterday, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has been going crazy on Twitter, and might be having one of his worst weeks ever as reports say Atlantic Records has dropped him from the label.

Although an official statement has yet to be released, according to reports Gucci’s ties with the label have ended.

“If today’s Twitter rant hasn’t made it clear–Gucci Mane is no longer in business with Atlantic Records. “He’s not with Atlantic anymore,” an anonymous former rep tells FADER exclusively over email. Atlantic has kept Gucci on a long leash since inheriting his 1017 Brick Squad imprint from Warner last year. In June, Gucci told FADER: “I’m basically an independent label with 1017 Brick Squad. I handle all my day to day business. The entire Trap House 3 album–I paid for every beat on that CD. I paid for every mix session, every mastering session. All the promotion, all the videos, any kind of promotional visual or any servicing of records it was funded by me and my company independently.” It’s not clear when, or on what terms the partnership between Gucci and Atlantic was terminated. “Not sure how the deal ended, it may have been a time thing,” says the rep.” (The FADER)

Gucci and his manager have also been rumored to have split.

“Perhaps most significantly, it also appears Gucci is no longer represented by his longtime manager, Kevin “Coach K” Lee. The two have worked together, on-and-off, since 2010; Coach K remains the manager of Atlanta trio Migos. “It looks like it just wasn’t working out with Coach–which based on the tweets and his behavior, one could see why,” the former rep explained.” (The FADER)