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Gucci Mane Says Jay-Z Is NOT The Best Rapper Alive

Posted By on October 12, 2009

    It seems that Gucci Mane has the complete opposite opinion as Lil Wayne. As we previously reported, Lil Wayne recently talked to Tim Westwood about MTV's Hottest MC list, first talking about Eminem not being on it. "Eminem [is not on the list]? Who else is on the list? Gucci who? Gucci
? Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn't on it? [laughs] Shout-out my n*gga Gucci," Wayne said. Weezy also seemed to be cool with Jay-Z being number one. "Uhm, who's number one?," Wayne asked radio personality Tim Westwood in
an interview. "Jay-Z? Nah, that's cool [me being at number two.] That's
cool. [Lil Wayne Talks MTV's Hottest MCs List – Watch Here]

    Well in a new interview, Gucci Mane made it clear he does not think Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive. In a self proclaimed "public service announcement" slash Family Feud parody, Gucci Mane said "Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive… Survey says, Thats A lie." Gucci then ads a little Jigga Jab stating "Its the Blueprint 3, starring Me." [Gucci Mane Says Jay-Z Is NOT The Greatest Rapper Alive – Watch Here]

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