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Gunplay Talks About Drug Use After Being On House Arrest

Posted By on March 21, 2013

Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay speaks candidly about life after prison, being under house arrest and using drugs. The rapper recently released a video of him discussing his different challenges and endeavors since his release from house arrest. He spoke very openly about drug use as described a day in his life.

“You know, being on house arrest, man, it sits you down. It takes you out the box, out the loop, to see what’s really going on. When you see what’s really going on, that shit be crazy. After everything, I see what’s what and who’s in my corner,”

The rapper went on to discuss his current issues with drug use, revealing that he smokes weed and pops molly.

While admitting that he has been laying low, he also expressed that he is not to be messed with.

“It is what it is, dog. Just don’t fuck with me, dog,” he warned. “Just don’t fuckin’ fuck with me, dog. Don’t do it. Just chill.”

Last year, the rapper’s attorney explained why he was released and placed under house arrest.

“The state did not prove that Mr. Morales was a flight risk or a threat to the community,” Gunplay’s lawyer Michael Grieco stated. “He should be home with his family shortly. This is first step in clearing his name so he can continue his emerging music career.”