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Bernie Dance Dance

How to Do the Bernie Dance
Bernie Dance Dance Steps:
Start with a two step. Another option is stepping out to your right with the right foot, then doing very small alternating steps forward, leading with the hip each time. This option works better with the Bernie.
Lean back. When you do this, you should feel the stretch in your lower back and abdomen. Move your shoulders backward and forward, one at a time, alternating sides. During this, your arms should be loose at your sides.
Do parts one and two at the same time. Do a right, left, right, left.
ean your head back as though you have a nosebleed.
Bernie Dance Origin & History
The dance originated from the dance moves of a character in the movie "Weekend At Bernies II"
Dance Tips
Bernie Dance Video Example
What is the Bernie Dance?

The Bernie Dance is a dance style performed by leaning one’s head back and wobbling with loosely held arms.

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